An overview of the various projects I've been a part of over the years.



My solo project, that blurs the line between programming and organic samples.  Will appeal to fans of Stockhausen, Granddaddy and Scott Walker.


Future Loss

A post-punk, shoegaze outfit, obsessed with outros, sludge and infinity loops.  Imagine Bleach-era Nirvana crossed with John Cage's ambient experiments.


My Attorney

A weird pop band, with one foot grounded in melody, the other in deserts filled with lonely dinosaurs.  For those who enjoy the work of Sparklehorse, Deerhoof and Elvis Costello.


Blue Screem Of Death

A nasty, lo-fi punk trio, prone to bursts of feedback and wailing.  Heavily influenced by The Fall, Charles Mingus and Shellac.


Sham(2013 - 2016) • lo-fi punk

Death Of A Salesman  (2007 - 2008) • acoustic rock

Airstrip One  (2005 - 2007) • acoustic folk

Steve:  From Fragment  (2005 - 2006) • post rock

Nes Advantage  (2003 - 2004) • experimental noise

The Toys Of The Fishermen  (2001 - 2003) • eclectic pop

Pond  (1996 - 2002) • pop rock